5 Different Types of DIY Toy Storage Bins

What does a toy storage bin or storage unit do for your children? Well, that depends on the toy itself. Do you have a lot of stuffed animals? Then a toy storage unit is just the thing for you. The large toy storage bins can store a lot of them in a small space, and you will be able to see them quickly and easily so you won’t have to look around too much. Plus, you can see which ones are still in good shape and which need replacing.


Perhaps the most useful feature of these bins is that they help organize a toy collection. The toy storage boxes and organizers either do not get used very often or they leave it hard to discover things once they are inside the boxes. Fortunately, there are actually quite a few magic toy storage boxes and organizers that make this very easy to do. You might already have some on hand in your closet, but that doesn’t matter since you can use them to create even more storage space in a closet, and perhaps save money in the process.


There are also bins that fit together to create more storage space. With these, you can store several sets of the same kind of toys together, such as cars and dolls or train sets and toy airplanes. If there is space in the basement, you can create a set of hanging bins where you can stack the bins once they are assembled. They are easy enough to assemble yourself, and you can buy the parts needed from any hardware store. In addition to being very practical, these bins are very aesthetically pleasing as well.


There are also DIY coat closet storage solutions that you can buy storage boxes. These come in the form of shelves or cubbies, and they allow you to separate the toys based on their age or category. For instance, you can put together shelving that has different compartments for necklaces, bracelets, and so on, and you can classify these based on how often you wear the different types of jewelry or clothes associated with them. This is a very useful feature that will allow you to organize your jewelry and clothing according to when you need them.


You can also buy bins that are made specifically to store children’s toys. These are usually hinged at the top and have a door on one side. You can put toys in the top compartment, while the bottom is dedicated to other storage items. They are easy to put together, and you can easily access the toys when you need them. They make an excellent solution for difficult to reach areas that would otherwise be overwhelming.


Finally, you can use these DIY toy storage solutions to give away as gifts. Many retailers allow you to customize the appearance of the boxes to match the decor of the package the toy is being given away in. You can use these decorative boxes to store a wide variety of toys, such as figurines, board games, dolls, puzzles, and so on. If you are creative, you can use the contents of these DIY toy storage systems to create beautiful display displays for all of your gifts.

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